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Orphans in Kenya are left to themselves. In reality, to compare children’s homes in Africa, particularly in Kenya, with children’s homes in Europe or America– is not possible, and the reason is simple – there are no children’s homes!

Even though there are a lot of homeless children and our huge desire is to take care of all of them, at this time we don’t have such an opportunity. When the missionary work in Kitale just began, we only dreamed of the number of ministries that we have today, but with God’s great help and with your support, it became a reality. That is why affirming our faith we will move forward, for there is nothing impossible for God.

Today in the orphanage, or better to say in the missionary family, there are 17 children. This ministry is very important because children are not only getting roof over their heads, food and an opportunity to learn but from the early age they are brought up and learning things that seem common but often are unknown to the local people here. Let’s take the simplest example, children from the Shima la-Teva village, whom we are also feeding, don’t know how to use spoons; they eat with their hands because at their homes they don’t have kitchen utensils. 17 lucky children use kitchen utensils, brush teeth, make their beds and even wash their clothes. And of course along with everyday skills we teach them to be responsible, obedient, charitable, care about others and etc.

Like any other missionary work, children’s home needs financial support. These kids’ dreams are not of Disneyland, cellphones, computers or playstations but about an opportunity to go to school, even though the classrooms are not comfortable, to have good food every day, even though it is only beans, to have clothes, not designers clothes. Below you will see all of our children. Every one of them has his/her own life story, and as usual, their stories are sad. By clicking on the picture of a child, you will be able to get to the page with the child’s story.

If you are willing to support partly or entirely, one or more than one child, you can do this. More information on how you can help read HERE.

Children from Childrens home

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