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From the swamp of sin. Beckys story.

For many of us, even in families of atheists, the notion of purity and morality had been taught by parents since childhood. Of course, day by day our society is moving towards moral decay and every year children learn about sex at earlier age. Howeve ...


The hard life of African orphan

Close your eyes and imagine... No, it's not a meditation session. But if you want to feel and understand the main character of my story, you need to put yourself in his shoes as realistic as possible... So, imagine all the things that normally su ...


The invisible children of Africa: left behind by the world but not by God! The story of Razia and Robai.

“Orphans’ cry, cry of kids that are left, We can hear more often and seek Why so many trees have broken sticks, Why so many kids feel sad and weak…” The pain of rejection, fear of being alone - that's what pur ...

African figgery

African beauty

What is beauty? How should a human being look to be considered attractive? Should he/she wear some jewelry? Should a girl have hair? And what features should one possess to look attractive? In the long run, a pretty or handsome face is quite a sub ...

African house

The missionarys notes: a sudden coming back to reality

It was evening. Coming back from a usual charity “outing” in which our team took part, we made up our minds to stop and wait for the other SUV. The desert was stretching all around - typical, picture-postcard one. One more reason to stop ...

Our kids

Missionary Service in Africa or One Day of African Inland Mission

The sun has not risen yet but the missionaries are already up leaving their beds when the bell goes. There are a lot of things to be done! Our God deserves praise and worship, so that’s exactly what our African inland mission starts a new day w ...

How it all started

Our mission site: How it all started

Our missionary center in Africa was founded in 2008 in Kitale, Kenya’s - a small town located not far from the border with Uganda. This place town doesn’t differ much from other African towns: the same poverty, dirt, crowds of homeless ki ...