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African beauty

African figgery

What is beauty? How should a human being look to be considered attractive? Should he/she wear some jewelry? Should a girl have hair? And what features should one possess to look attractive?

In the long run, a pretty or handsome face is quite a subjective thing just as the attractiveness of a person in the whole. In this article we would like to show the way beauty is interpreted in the country to which God has sent us to serve. African beauty is something that provokes astonishment, adoration and regret at the same time.

“Ten commandments for a missionary” include the following: Be astonished inside! Never consider the values of others inferior! Beauty matters much for them and quite often the price they pay for it is way too high. To change the values without changing the faith is dangerous, to neglect the values of others is prohibited!

African girl


Tribe Turkana

Real beauty

African elderly

African mother

African women

African girl

African beads


Women of tribe Turkana

African beads

African beauty

Author: Ed Sivets

Published: 2014-04-17 16:15

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