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The Children of Africa. The story of Mycost and Bravin.

Mycost and Bravin

I think, the best thing that can happen to people is the honor to become mothers and fathers! It may seem that children can cause a lot of trouble and problems, but we still love them, no matter what they do!

African twins Mycost and Bravin are nearly 6 years old. They knew nothing about their father: neither who he was nor whether he really existed. Their mother suffered from illness and could hardly maintain a family. Soon after, being not able to bear this any longer, she left this world. Boys, being still absolutely young, didn't know how to bury their mother. Some days after her death they were completely left on their own. We can only imagine what they were eating and how they magaged to survive. After some time they were found by their neighbors. They sent the twins to an orphanage.

It is terrible to imagine how meagrely these poor children of Africa lived all these years. Even after 2 years of their stay in the orphanage where they could eat normally, and having already been 1,5 years t our place, Mycost still eats up food from garbage cans and dogs' bowls, when nobody sees him.

Brothers, despite of the fact that they are twins, hardly get on with each other, "battling" for the right of possession of toys or other benefits of childhood. Both little boys are very interesting, cheerful and fervent, it seems that nothing can afflict them. ycost is quicker and naughtier, he has professional ability to do plaintive eyes when he needs something. In future the boy has every chance to become a well-known mechanic - his ability to sort any toy to the smallest details simply strikes. Bravin still can't get used to such a concept as footwear. He constantly walks barefoot and all his sandals somehow disappear.

Maybe without Mycost and Bravin at the mission site our life would be a bit quieter but it would definitely become much more boring!

We thank God for this naughty and smiling blessing!






Mycost studies

Lunch time

Mycost play with dog


Again Mycost

Hardworking boy

Mycost at the lesson


Author: Anastasia Klimenko

Published: 2014-05-16 17:18

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