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Our ministry partner application

It is not a secret to anyone, that financial side is the big part of any mission ministry. As any other work, mission ministry cannot be spontaneous, begin new projects or plan the development of the existing ones based on financial and people-recourses, because the amount can significantly vary from month to month.

The partnership program allows us to plan in advance the abilities of mission ministry. Let us point out that to become a ministry partner – is a very responsible step, a main criteria is not the amount, as much as CONSTENCY.

So, before becoming a ministry partner of the mission, consider what amount you can donate REGULARLY. If you would like to donate a specific amount, but not sure you will be able to donate this amount every month, in this case in the partnership agreement state only the amount you will be able to donate every month. If you would like to donate more, then you have agreed to, you can transfer you donation in any way convenient for you.

If, for any reason, you are unable to continue our partnership, please inform us ahead of time!

We kindly request to inform us about your transfers through email or contact form here.

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