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Promise of the Easter


“On the fourteenth day of the first month theLord’s Passoveris to be held.” (Numbers 28:16).

From year to year, generation after generation the Israel people celebrate the holiday of the Passover (Pesach). The rules of this event were so strict that God said that if somebody would violate them: “…must be cut offfrom the community of Israel.” (Exodus 12:19).

And I believe that such strictness was for the reason that every event of an Old Testament holiday – weather people understood or not – was an important figure of expectation of the Lamb's coming, who would lay the foundation of a new Passover.


We decided to revive a memory of God's promises and demonstrated them vividly to our children. We had the heart to celebrate Pesach as ordered by God in the Old Testament. It was interesting! Having analyzed the Scripture, we made a lot of discoveries.

Our team and guests

We began with a nice house cleaning and preparing matza – bread made of water and flour. One should eat this bread during the celebration of the Passover (about 7 days). The main task of “a cook” was to knead dough quickly, to roll out it in thin layers and bake them at once. In haste and without any experience in this sphere not every wafers were thin that`s why a part of matzas was crispy and another one was "teeth-breakable"))) But what could we do? We ate what we prepared!))))

Celebratory dishes

The house was full of guests! Everybody wanted to be a part of this great event!

It would not be a holiday without a lamb. According to all requirements of the Scripture we took a one-year male lamb without spots and drawbacks. For some days this cute creature was feeding in our yard. And when the time came to put a knife into it, our hearts sank. It looked so careless and innocent. When you experience such things with your own eyes, you start to understand why God gives exactly these instructions. He knows us and knows how to get through to our hearts. We were very pitiful to the lamb but we did what we had to do, and we enforced the sentence.



Passover and kids

Our table

All together our friendly team broke bread with one another. It was a wonderful time of celebrating victory over death and the beginning of the New Passover!

Thank you, Jesus for everything that You have done for us!!!

Author: Kirill Kuznetsov

Published: 2014-05-09 18:17

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