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MIission posible

What is a mission? Ozhegov (a famous Russian lexicographer) interpreted this notion as a responsible task, role, or a commitment. What do we put in this notion? What picture do we draw in our imagination when we hear: “I am a missionary”? How do we assess our possibilities and participation in the mission?

Mostly in our mind, missionaries are those who sacrifice their lives to minister to other people, and for this purpose they are committed to go far. That is why, it often seems to us that not everybody can be a missionary. But let`s get back to the notion of the word “mission”, which is a responsible task, role, or commitment. Therefore, the mission cannot be defined by the distance, nor limited to some special sphere. In addition, a Christian mission is understood as a responsible task, role, or a commitment for us – Christian people.

Of course, the main mission of the Christian people is to preach the Gospel as the Bible teaches us: “Gotherefore anddisciple all thenations, baptizing theminto thename of theFather and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, Matthew 28:19. So, the missionaries go to the uttermost points of the earth to preach; they are in the forefront, ahead of the curve. But they have a great number of people in the rear, as they cannot be there and fulfill their service without some material support! Do you have an opportunity to support them financially? The mission is possible for you! If you don`t you have an opportunity to give them the financial support, you may always assist them with your prayers. The mission is possible for you too. If you don`t have the opportunity to be ahead of the curve, you may come for a short period of time and support the missionaries spiritually. You may share information with your church and friends. Perhaps, it`s your responsible task. May be, you will write a poem that will inspire somebody to become a missionary.

Mission is possible for everybody! You just need to respond to yourself: “What exact responsible task can I do or what exact commitment can I make?”

Gennady Mohnenko, one of missioneries tells about short-term toursto our mission site in Kenya, the city of Kitale, where our Ukrainian team is working: "During one trip in February, 2014 our team together with newly arrived missionaries were conducting night raids. Below are some photos of such raids. Homeless children were sleeping at the garbage dump; they huddled up to one another for warmth. Some of them, covering in sacks or rags, were sleeping under the counters and coverings. What a horrifying picture!

Sometimes, even having sympathy and compassion to them, it may seem that there is no possibility to change the situation cardinally. But if we join our efforts it can be real. And when you think that a $1 is a very little sacrifice, remember that this dollar can lengthen the life of a person for one more day."

Sleeping kids on the dumpsite

Sleeping kids on the dumpsite

Sleeping kids on the dumpsite

Giving covers for street kids

Help to street kids

MIssioneries with street kids

Tanya and kids

Missioneries with street kids

All together

Picture for memory

All together

Author: Oksana Khilinskaya

Published: 2014-05-07 18:43

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